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The second race of the season was hosted under sunny skies at Greenfield Dragway, and included a big rig Show N Shine and drag race on Saturday.  A total of 133 entries plus 26 big rigs took part over the weekend. Large crowds were on hand Saturday to check out all the chrome and watch some of the truck driver’s jam through the gears down the quarter mile.

A field of 28 qualified in Shelburne Stevedores Super Pro with Michael Golden putting his Chev powered Mustang on the pole with a 10.114 ET on his 10.11 dial. But it was #3 qualifier who went the distance as Tony McNeil took out D. Wall, Blaine Gavel, Ashley Walker and Angela Lewis to set-up a final with Paul Pothier from Wedgeport.  Pothier bounced Eldon Clattenburg, Dwight Stafford, Lorne Buchanan and Korey Taylor to punch his ticket.  In the final, MacNeil was near perfect on the tree with a .001RT and Pothier could not make up the difference in his 1973 Barracuda, finishing second.  Korey Taylor from Hammonds Plains ended up third.

In Cottman Transmission Pro, a field of 35 qualified and Brian Robar from Caledonia led the way with an 11.801 on an 11.80 dial. The semi-finals pitted Jeremy Keans against Peter Marshall from Hacketts Cove; Keans went .027 on the tree and cruised to the win. Vaughn Boone singled in the other semi.  In the final both drivers were in at an 11.11 and both drilled the tree, Keans at .004 and Boone at .011 in his AMX. Keans lit the win light going dead .003, leaving no room for Boone who went 11.15 for the loss.

The Ian’s Automotive Sportsman field qualified 15 entries and once again Vince Hazel of Windsor rowed gears to number one with a dead-on 16.130 on his 16.13 dial. After three rounds of competition it was Danni Rippey of Windsor squaring off against Super Pro regular Paul Weir from Kentville.  Rippey was a bit late off the line in his Solara, Weir had a respectable .079 reaction time and had no trouble reeling in the Solara on the top end to take the win. Sterling Rhuland from Shelburne defeated Ian Banks and the “Mistress” to finish third.

The Shore Cycle Bike and Sled class saw Rickey Nauss Jr lead qualifying with a 9.659 on a 9.64 dial. Nauss Jr red-lighted away his chances in the semi-final, taking home a third place finish. In the final it was Reserve Mine’s Kevin King getting it done, going 10.817 on his 10.80 dial to defeat Scott MacKenzie from Chester Basin.

In Pro Tech Roofing & Construction Junior Dragster, Kale Johnson from Milton qualified number one with an elapsed time of 8.323 on his 8.28 dial. In the class final he faced Whyatt Rankin from Mount Uniacke. Johnson notched a fine .047 RT and an 8.424 at nearly 73 mph to track down Rankin and take the win.  Lacey Weir from Kentville took third.

Saturday’s gambler’s racing action had John Croft from Blockhouse defeat Dan Nickerson from Middle Sackville in the Box category; while No Box was won by Tony MacNeil when he defeated Paul Giroux in the final.  Whyatt Rankin defeated Lacey Weir to win the Junior Dragster gamblers.

Action resumes June 29-July 1 with the Canada Day Spectacular featuring the Atlantic Pro Tree Series on Saturday and round one of the Atlantic Drag Racing Association series on Sunday!

Greenfield Dragway kicked-off the 2018 race season with their first points meet over the weekend.  A total of 117 entries participated in Friday evening time trials, Saturday’s gambler racing action and Sunday’s eliminators.

A field of 22 qualified in Shelburne Stevedores Super Pro with Michael Whynot of Sackville putting his 1969 Camaro on the pole with a 9.521 ET on his 9.52 dial. Whynot rolled to the semi-finals before he was up-ended by Brooklyn’s Doug Decker in a double-break-out run. In the final, Decker squared-off with John Croft from Blockhouse and his ’83 Capri.  Croft took a starting line advantage but slowed to a 10.31 on his 10.19 dial. Decker laid down a near perfect 9.504 on a 9.50 dial to take win.

In Cottman Transmission Pro, a field of 34 qualified and a familiar face sat atop the sheet with Jeremy Keans of Liverpool running an 11.021 on 11.02 in his 83-85 Camaro. Keans lasted until the quarter finals before Mike Ingram showed him the door. Ingram, with his ’69 Chevelle earned the bye-run in the semi-final while Belmont’s Chris Chapman punched his ticket to the final with a very tight .003 stripe over Vaughn Boone’s 390 AMX. That set-up an all Chevelle heads-up final at an 11.13 dial. Chapman hit the tree at .022 and Ingram right there at .025 but Chapman was a bit off the dial allowing Ingram to grab the win.

The Ian’s Automotive Sportsman field qualified 12 entries and Vince Hazel of Windsor rowed gears to number 1 with 16.132 on his 16.13 dial. The final saw Jenna Rippey take on PEI’s Gus Longaphie.  Longaphie had the advantage at the line with a respectful .064 reaction time but it was Rippey who took the stripe in her Solara with a 15.732 on a 15.72 dial.

The Shore Cycle Bike and Sled class saw Rickey Nauss Jr lead qualifying with a 9.654 on a 9.62 dial. .  The final featured Ricky Nauss Sr vs Rickey Nauss Jr.  Seniority prevailed and Nauss Sr earned the win on a Junior red-light.  Senior ran a 10.216 on a 10.20 to close the book.  Kevin King finished third.

In Pro Tech Roofing & Construction Junior Dragster, Lacey Weir of Kentville qualified number one with an elapsed time of 9.181 on her 9.10 dial. In the class final she faced Whyatt Rankin from Mount Uniacke. Rankin threw down a near-perfect run, .017 reaction and an 8.793 on a 8.79 dial to claim victory.  Weir was no slouch with an .082 RT and a dead-on 9.155 on a 9.15 to just fall short.

Saturday’s gambler’s racing action had Kerry Oickle from Blockhouse defeat Michael Whynot in the Box category; while No Box was won by Chris Chapman when he defeated David Joudrey and his Chevy Nova from Western Head, NS.

Action resumes June 15-17 with the second points race of the season; including a Big Rig Show n Shine and drag race on Saturday and the second points meet on Sunday.

Well after a dismal season of weather out at Greenfield dragway, racers and spectators were hopeful for a great season finale…and boy did their wish come true. Other than lingering morning fog, everyone was treated to some fantastic September weather and a great show. With a total of 239 entries, 1616 runs down the 1320 and packed stands stands both days; what a finish it was!

The weekend schedule featured the annual bracket bash which was held over from the cancelled August event and the ADRA Team Race on Saturday, followed by the ADRA and Greenfield Drag Racing Series on Sunday.

Race number three of the Greenfield drag race series was contested over the weekend with a total of 110 entries for the event. Friday evening time trials were rain-shortened and persistent showers delayed the start time until 1pm on Saturday.

Saturday’s action included a No Box gamblers, Box gamblers, junior gamblers and open time trials later in the afternoon. Here are the gambler results:

It was a pretty short weekend of action at the dragway with only one day of competition complete. An unfavorable forecast brought out a lower than normal vehicle count for a typical June race. Unfortunately the opening round of the Atlantic Pro Tree Series could not be contested on Saturday but round one of the ADRA series and the second NSDRA point’s race were run on Sunday.

Sunday’s program featured 42 Super Pro, 19 Pro, 14 Sportsman, 9 Bike /Sled and 5 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:

It was an overcast and cool weekend at the dragway but the first race is in the books! A total of 114 entries were out for the first event of the season, presented by Pro-Tech Roofing & Construction and Pettipas Family Automotive. Although Friday and early Saturday were a wash, time trials did get underway just after 1pm.

In Saturday gambler’s race action Benny Nieston from Millville picked-up the win in the Box category by defeating Windsor’s Vaughn Boone in the final. No Box saw Scott Underhill from Bedford take out Dan Nickerson from Lower Sackville in a battle of the Stock eliminator cars; while Wyatt Rankin from Mount Uniacke beat Lacey Weir of Kentville in Junior Dragster action.

Sunday’s program featured 32 Super Pro, 42 Pro, 17 Sportsman, 6 Bike /Sled and 3 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:

What a fantastic way to close out the 2016 season at the dragway. A great forecast of clear skies and cool temps brought out 216 entries for the last event. Along with this being the final points race for the NSDRA; it was also race seven for the ADRA who’ll finish-up in Miramichi this coming weekend.

62 competitors came to the lanes for Saturday’s Box category. Benny Nieston took out Islander Darren Creamer in one semi while Darryl Stewart bounced Kandy Mitten from Sussex, NB in the other. In the final, Stewart grabbed a slight starting line advantage and ran a 9.557 on a 9.55 to push Nieston under by .007 of a second.

A whopping 111 entries showed-up in round one of No Box, setting-up a seven round eliminator. In the semis Chad Cronin up ended Sackville’s Devin Longmire while “Mr. Coffee” Bruce Howatt defeated Billy Sheppard in his G/SA Duster. Cronin pulled the trigger early by only -.002 in the final to hand the victory to Howatt and his Roadrunner. The negotiated split gave each driver $1100 for their effort.

The junior gamblers had 8 entries and came down to a match-up between Lacey Weir from Kentville, NS and Sackville’s Ashley Walker. Walker used a starting line advantage to track down Weir and the win.

Sunday’s program featured 48 Super Pro, 58 Pro, 19 Sportsmen, 9 Sport Compact, 16 Bike /Sled and 8 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:

The 13th annual Super Saturday Bracket Bash and fourth points meet took place this past weekend at the dragway. With an awesome weather forecast and the promise of big payouts 198 competitors packed onto the property for a great weekend of racing. A total of $15,575 in prize money was on the line for Saturday.

In the No Box Category there were 96 entries in the lanes for round one and with the buy-backs in round two it took eight rounds to complete the eliminator. The final featured a couple of veteran stock-superstock competitors in Bruce Riley from Lake Echo and Greg Nickerson from Sackville. Riley paired a 9.264 on 9.26 dial with a .046 RT to pocket the $4400 cheque. For his runner-up effort Nickerson took home $1887. Clayton Howatt from Summerside, PE bowed out in the semi-final and took home $400. Kevin Murphy, Jeremy Keans, Fred Thibeault collected $200 each in the quarter-finals; while Peter Lawrence, Brian Robar, Mike Ingram, John Croft and Chad Ramsay each tallied $100 from the round of 16.

53 competitors entered the Box category and with the buy-backs it took seven rounds to find a victor. In the end it was Yarmouth’s Barrett Bonnar squaring off with Bedford’s Lorne Buchanan. Buchanan lit the red at -.029 to hand the win to Bonnar who was more than ready by hitting the tree at .003. The win gave Bonnar $4063 while Buchanan collected $1741. Sackville’s Michael Whynot just fell short in the semi’s and claimed $400; Bruce Howatt, John Croft and Brett Ramsay each grabbed $200 in the quarters and Jason McNeil, Johnny Rankin, Mark Howes, Stewart Burke, Mike Ingram and Josh Goodwin all received $100 from the round of 16.

The Junior Dragster category sponsored by Cottman Transmission and Pro Tech Roofing & Construction featured 7 eager drivers. The final saw Colton Howes from Rothesay, NB square-off against Mount Uniacke’s Wyatt Rankin. Young Rankin overcame a start line deficit to reel in Howes at the stripe by .06. Morgan Rodgerson and Lacey Weir made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations to our young drivers!

Sunday’s program featured the 4th point’s race of the Greenfield racing series and the third stop on the Atlantic Stock-Super Stock tour. There were 51 Super Pro, 49 Pro, 19 Sportsmen, 4 Sport Compact, 13 Bike /Sled, 7 Junior Dragster and 17 Stock-Superstock that made the call for qualifying. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:

Race number three of the Greenfield drag race series scheduled for July 8-10 basically boiled down to a one day event after inclement weather finally closed in for Sunday. Time trials did go off basically uninterrupted Friday and Saturday’s program only had one 45 minute delay around mid-day.

Saturday’s action included a No Box gamblers, Box gamblers and then a combined gamblers later in the day. Here are the eliminator results:

Box Eliminator

Final: #186E Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, .016RT, 10.666 on 9.57 def. #1321 Mike Mattice, Sackville, NS, -.041 foul, 8.787 on 8.63

Semi-finalist: #B2197 Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, NS

No-Box Eliminator

Final: #406 John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, .004 RT, 10.341 on 10.37 def #1009 Jeremy Keans, Bridgewater, NS, .001 RT, 10.950 on 10.98.

Semi-finalist: #2293 Brian Robar, Caledonia, NS

Combo Gamblers

Final: #186E Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, .016 RT, 9.606 on 9.60 def #2380 Clay Wambolt, Caledonia, -.016 foul, 12.005 on 11.98

Semi-finalists: #69 Micheal Whynot, Sackville, NS

The next event at the dragway goes August 19-21 with round four of the Greenfield drag racing series and featuring the annual bracket bash on Saturday and the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series on Sunday.

2018 Race Schedule

Greenfield Dragway 2018 Race Schedule (click for details)

- May 26/27
- June 16/17
- June 30/ July 1
- Aug 11/12
- Sept 22/23
- Oct 6/7 - Rain Date

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